Thursday, June 16, 2011

People who cant keep themselves to themselves

Hey guys Ben here.

anyway basicly there are some people that just dont know when to control what they say at the right times. for example your having a laugh with your mates and your saying "come on then" and have a laugh about it then some idiot walks up to you and says "whats going on here then", baring in mind no one likes this guy and all he is doing is showing off to all the girls. he says you wouldn't like it if i bullied you would you? i say what is it to you im having a laugh with my friends its none of your business plus you probably couldn't bully me" and that shuts him up.

anyway people who cant keep there mouths shut should keep to there own business.
im sorry but if no one likes you because you but in and try and be the big guy you need to keep yourself to yourself and make friends not try and turn people against each other.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


i cant wait till mw3 i have already pre-ordered the hardened edition i think thats what its called its about 60 British pounds so thats pretty cool.

i got a cool poster with it as well :)