Sunday, May 29, 2011

where to go/hide (In the zombie Apocalypse)

Hey guys i have a lot of good feedback from my last thread about ( in the zombie apocalypse and how to survive it).

i have had a few requests for a post on where to go / hide and the best places to survive if there were a zombie apocalypes

Ok so there a few main places you want to be going:
a pub, this is great for surviving for ages it has food drinks and strong doors and windows and this will make the most perfect hiding spot
your house, you house would be a perfect place to hide but you need to board off all of your windows secure your doors the only problem would be is the food but i suggest you should wait until the armed forces arrive

Places you should not go:
a shopping maul / town, this would actually be the worse place to go because there will be lots of people there and they will mostly all be infected. so i would stay clear of crowded places.

i hope this guide has helped please leave suggestions for future blogs.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to kill zombies (In the zombie Apocalypse)

There are many theories saying that there will one day be a zombie apocalypse but who no's.

Any this blog is about how to kill zombies if it comes down to it and there are 2 methods that are really efficient.

Ok so the first method is to disable your enemy. zombies are merely an infection that will take over the human body and use it as a host and they will spread by blood. cuts bites ect will infect you.
Aim for the spine, this will paralyze the zombies as they are still using the brain to move. if you break the spike it will stop all brain waves and the zombie will not be able to move from the neck down or wear ever you hit them.

second is similar but killing them completely. this is really simple aim for the head, any blunt object like a hammer or a baseball bat will easily take the zombies out because there are using the brain as a host and they need it to live.

i hope this has helped leave comments on other suggestions i can add to the blog

Top favorite games

My top 5 favorite games!!!!!!!!

1#Crash Bandicoot 1,2,3
2#The call of duty series
3#Pokemon series - Games/not played black and white
5#Sega sonic the hedgehog series

The main reason i like these games the most not because i play them none stop its because i have played them over my life and i really enjoy them. crash b
andicoot i use to play it on the ps1 but when naughty dog so
ld the game rights over the game went down hill from there onwards

leave a comment on your favorite games top 5

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


do you guys all remember the good old days were everyone use to collect pokemon cards at school and then it died off for a bit but people played the game... i do :)

i have basically played all of the pokemon games but i have not touched black and white i cant really be bothered i think that the pokemon company are making to many random pokemon.

personally i think there running out of ideas what do you think leave a comment.

youtube 1.5xspeed 2.0 speed 1/2 speed 1/4 speed

Ive been on YouTube recently and i have noticed they have added a option to change the speed whether it is 2x speed or you can set it really low to 1/4.

now in my opinion you should keep it normal for some music/videos or you can use the 1.5 speed option.

with the 1.5 option you can hear it clearly its just sped up and it sounds pretty cool. if you set it to 2x speed then you can understand it but some bits of talking or music is left out.

if you set it to 1/2 you can hear it a bit but its just slowed down. with the 1/4 option you cant really hear anything its bad but slow motion for if you miss something.

i have also noticed that it only works for certain videos whether the videos have to have copyright free music or no using anyones game i am not sure but it is for certain videos.

thanks for reeding and have a nice day :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The most annoying thing that you can say to answer a question

so basically i'm just talking to my friend and asking him questions and then all i get is a simple answer. take a guess on what he says.

he says yes thats all he says a simple answer of yes when the question has nothing to do with a yes or no based answer.


oh hey matey what shall i write about on this essay. (yes)

i mean its so annoying :)

the main reason i made this blog is because i said to him hey man what shall i talk about thats interesting on blogger today. (YES)

Monday, May 23, 2011

doctor who (creepy pasta)

hi this is an idea me and my friend came up with the other. basically we were sitting down and thinking about creepy pastas and thought we could come up with our own so basically tell me what you think in the comments below. this creepy pasta is about doctor who

The doctor is a key word for health as the doctor heals people, the doctor is a figment of his companions imagination.

so basically as we watch the tv programme the doctor is alone and he goes around in his blue box looking for companions, (WRONG) the companions look out for something when they are about to pass on to another world - go to heaven (death) and the doctor comes and saves them and takes them on a journey of there life, as some people say your life passes before your eyes well basically the doctor does more than that the doctor creates monsters and aliens and planets upon the companions wildest dreams.

basically the doctor is a sub conscious piece of our mind thats always been there and always be there hes basically to put it into easy terms he is our guardian angel thats looked after us our hole life.

as he regenerates throughout the different series's he goes onto a different companion or this means the companion will soon be replaced with a different person who will soon pass on.

you may think that why does he sometimes not regenerate and go to a different companion, well this is simply because the 2 or more companions are related or have been friends of some kind where they have a telepathic link with each other/subconscious. this means the two people could of been in an accident of some kind together and they experience the same journey.

MInecraft - Shad3dvader

so basically guys i have a mine-craft channel check it here -

Mine-craft is a really awesome game i really suggest you buy it. basically i do mine-craft lets plays. i now go on a community mine-craft server where i am joint owner and its pretty cool. i have made my house really big and i have connected a roller-coaster to the side with an on going mine-cart which is really good.

if any of you guys want the item id's for any of the items ill post a link here -

if you want to use/spawn items use the DEC NOT THE HEX. as this will not spawn the correct item.

I WILL UPDATE THIS BLOG AS I PROGRESS ON MY MINE-CRAFT SERVER if you want to watch daily lets play please subscribe to my you-tube channel

Call of duty black ops nazi zombies - call of duty 9 nazi zombies

hey guys Ben here again for another blog so basically i'm a big fan of Nazi zombies i have been since world at war with the old maps and the old guns.

in call of duty black ops i have bought the hardened edition so basically i have all the old maps of world at war and i can play them, one down side to this is that you cant use the old guns only if you buy them off the wall, now personally i think this is a good idea but they could of done it so you get both world at war guns and black ops guns as well this would make the old maps alot more fun.

so guys im thinking after call of duty modern ware fare 3 they will make call of duty 9 and im thinking will that have nazi zombies, now if it does great i will really enjoy that, but it would be really awesome if they could include world at war guns and black ops guns and the title of the 9th call of duty.

i think if they did this it would be alot more fun for alot of people so more people will play it and even make the developers alot of money from the Nazi zombie map packs.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

360 no scope cross map - Call Of Duty

Hey guys have you gone on say mw2 (modern warfare 2) and seen thoose quickscopers. Im one. i dont do 360's all that often but i dont see the point of doing them unless you want to record them for montages on youtube.


quick scoping in my option takes skill, they are really easy to pull of but this does take some skill. normally when doing a 360 you either no scope or quick-scope.

No scoping

no scoping takes the tiniest bit of skill to get your aim so that the enemy is in the middle of the screen but on call of duty, doing a no scope is just completely random no matter what you do the bullet will not go straight.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Runescape - How to become a youtube Vlogger

Hello everyone my name is Ben and i make runescape videos on youtube.(

This blog is explaining how you can start to make runescape videos/Vlogs.

I personally make Rune scape V-logs but somtimes i throw in the odd guide and bank video.

The basics

So first of all you need to play runescape nothing else. it does not matter if you dont have all 99's or even one 99 skill on runescape. i personally at the moment of time do not have a 99 skill and Im still getting alot of subscribers and friends on youtube.

secondly you will be needing a desktop recording software. e.g . hypercam 1/2/3. this is a really basic way of recording your screen on either your computer and laptop. i personally use camtasia studio 7 for recording my videos, this is really good quality.

third step: video editing software. now i know that if you have bought a windows computer you should start of windows movie maker but if you really want to get into some serious editing i suggest you get somthing like camtasia studio 7 / sony vegas 8/9 or whatever version is out at the time.

And last but not least the final step - Commentary - youtube community

so if you want to get a wide audience you should really look at doing commentary on your Vlogs/videos. this can help you connect with your subscribers and they know what you sound like and they enjoy it more. with guides you can put music on but i suggest making sure the music has not got any copy right claims other wise the music may be taken off.

so i hope this helped thanks for reading :)