Thursday, May 26, 2011

Top favorite games

My top 5 favorite games!!!!!!!!

1#Crash Bandicoot 1,2,3
2#The call of duty series
3#Pokemon series - Games/not played black and white
5#Sega sonic the hedgehog series

The main reason i like these games the most not because i play them none stop its because i have played them over my life and i really enjoy them. crash b
andicoot i use to play it on the ps1 but when naughty dog so
ld the game rights over the game went down hill from there onwards

leave a comment on your favorite games top 5


Jammi said...

all amazing games :D

Candle said...

Oh, I love pokemon yellow! haha, beautiful =]

Nice post, I need some long back, following! Cya!