Monday, May 9, 2011

Runescape - How to become a youtube Vlogger

Hello everyone my name is Ben and i make runescape videos on youtube.(

This blog is explaining how you can start to make runescape videos/Vlogs.

I personally make Rune scape V-logs but somtimes i throw in the odd guide and bank video.

The basics

So first of all you need to play runescape nothing else. it does not matter if you dont have all 99's or even one 99 skill on runescape. i personally at the moment of time do not have a 99 skill and Im still getting alot of subscribers and friends on youtube.

secondly you will be needing a desktop recording software. e.g . hypercam 1/2/3. this is a really basic way of recording your screen on either your computer and laptop. i personally use camtasia studio 7 for recording my videos, this is really good quality.

third step: video editing software. now i know that if you have bought a windows computer you should start of windows movie maker but if you really want to get into some serious editing i suggest you get somthing like camtasia studio 7 / sony vegas 8/9 or whatever version is out at the time.

And last but not least the final step - Commentary - youtube community

so if you want to get a wide audience you should really look at doing commentary on your Vlogs/videos. this can help you connect with your subscribers and they know what you sound like and they enjoy it more. with guides you can put music on but i suggest making sure the music has not got any copy right claims other wise the music may be taken off.

so i hope this helped thanks for reading :)


Cartoon Universe said...

Hey thanks for the instructions!

benvader said...

no problem

TK1927 said...

I remember playing Runescape years ago. It used to be the best free game around.