Monday, May 23, 2011

MInecraft - Shad3dvader

so basically guys i have a mine-craft channel check it here -

Mine-craft is a really awesome game i really suggest you buy it. basically i do mine-craft lets plays. i now go on a community mine-craft server where i am joint owner and its pretty cool. i have made my house really big and i have connected a roller-coaster to the side with an on going mine-cart which is really good.

if any of you guys want the item id's for any of the items ill post a link here -

if you want to use/spawn items use the DEC NOT THE HEX. as this will not spawn the correct item.

I WILL UPDATE THIS BLOG AS I PROGRESS ON MY MINE-CRAFT SERVER if you want to watch daily lets play please subscribe to my you-tube channel


Blk Jesus said...

sounds pretty cool house ill have to go check it out later!

Iwanajaba said...

i love minecraft! i cant wait to get the new version when it comes out

S.G said...

love mine craft hope to see more about it

UNCOMGM said...

Great,how could you find that,thank you for your sharing,
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