Wednesday, May 25, 2011

youtube 1.5xspeed 2.0 speed 1/2 speed 1/4 speed

Ive been on YouTube recently and i have noticed they have added a option to change the speed whether it is 2x speed or you can set it really low to 1/4.

now in my opinion you should keep it normal for some music/videos or you can use the 1.5 speed option.

with the 1.5 option you can hear it clearly its just sped up and it sounds pretty cool. if you set it to 2x speed then you can understand it but some bits of talking or music is left out.

if you set it to 1/2 you can hear it a bit but its just slowed down. with the 1/4 option you cant really hear anything its bad but slow motion for if you miss something.

i have also noticed that it only works for certain videos whether the videos have to have copyright free music or no using anyones game i am not sure but it is for certain videos.

thanks for reeding and have a nice day :)

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therocksays said...

They have added some editing options as well such as steadiness, colors, etc.

But yea, YT has been changing quite frequently lately. Some like the changes, some don't