Monday, May 23, 2011

Call of duty black ops nazi zombies - call of duty 9 nazi zombies

hey guys Ben here again for another blog so basically i'm a big fan of Nazi zombies i have been since world at war with the old maps and the old guns.

in call of duty black ops i have bought the hardened edition so basically i have all the old maps of world at war and i can play them, one down side to this is that you cant use the old guns only if you buy them off the wall, now personally i think this is a good idea but they could of done it so you get both world at war guns and black ops guns as well this would make the old maps alot more fun.

so guys im thinking after call of duty modern ware fare 3 they will make call of duty 9 and im thinking will that have nazi zombies, now if it does great i will really enjoy that, but it would be really awesome if they could include world at war guns and black ops guns and the title of the 9th call of duty.

i think if they did this it would be alot more fun for alot of people so more people will play it and even make the developers alot of money from the Nazi zombie map packs.


The Writer said...

Well I love the newest Nazi zombie. Call of the Dead is really fucking fun and just well made.

CollinBeloin said...

I am absolutly awful at Zombies...I can barely make 10 levels haha but it is fun

Iwanajaba said...

i love nazi zombies! that is the most addicting game ever