Sunday, May 29, 2011

where to go/hide (In the zombie Apocalypse)

Hey guys i have a lot of good feedback from my last thread about ( in the zombie apocalypse and how to survive it).

i have had a few requests for a post on where to go / hide and the best places to survive if there were a zombie apocalypes

Ok so there a few main places you want to be going:
a pub, this is great for surviving for ages it has food drinks and strong doors and windows and this will make the most perfect hiding spot
your house, you house would be a perfect place to hide but you need to board off all of your windows secure your doors the only problem would be is the food but i suggest you should wait until the armed forces arrive

Places you should not go:
a shopping maul / town, this would actually be the worse place to go because there will be lots of people there and they will mostly all be infected. so i would stay clear of crowded places.

i hope this guide has helped please leave suggestions for future blogs.



I think your home is the best bet but only if you stocked up on canned goods. Otherwise, you'll run out of food really quickly and having to go out = death.

DeferringTheory said...

Cans/ freeze died food should do.

ZKMin said...

Caned, freeze dried, and twinkies. also MREs and lots of water.

Lisa said...

I agree with Timmy. You know, Timmy the Robot. I do think a weapon or two would come in handy, in addition to few tins of victuals.