Monday, May 23, 2011

doctor who (creepy pasta)

hi this is an idea me and my friend came up with the other. basically we were sitting down and thinking about creepy pastas and thought we could come up with our own so basically tell me what you think in the comments below. this creepy pasta is about doctor who

The doctor is a key word for health as the doctor heals people, the doctor is a figment of his companions imagination.

so basically as we watch the tv programme the doctor is alone and he goes around in his blue box looking for companions, (WRONG) the companions look out for something when they are about to pass on to another world - go to heaven (death) and the doctor comes and saves them and takes them on a journey of there life, as some people say your life passes before your eyes well basically the doctor does more than that the doctor creates monsters and aliens and planets upon the companions wildest dreams.

basically the doctor is a sub conscious piece of our mind thats always been there and always be there hes basically to put it into easy terms he is our guardian angel thats looked after us our hole life.

as he regenerates throughout the different series's he goes onto a different companion or this means the companion will soon be replaced with a different person who will soon pass on.

you may think that why does he sometimes not regenerate and go to a different companion, well this is simply because the 2 or more companions are related or have been friends of some kind where they have a telepathic link with each other/subconscious. this means the two people could of been in an accident of some kind together and they experience the same journey.

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James said...

I've never seen doctor who.