Friday, July 15, 2011

Work experience - Derby City Council

Had a great week at work experience its been fun.

been on the computers doing data bases ording items, sending items off to storage.

been really busy.

ive been working at derby city council but the current building is being referbished so all of the workers are split up into different houses/hubs.

first i worked at middleton house
then roman house
then saxon house.

all the different houses have different jobs.

middleton house basicly takes peoples photos and creates badges for workers at the council, they also do basic adminerstration work.

roman house deals with files that need to be sent off to storage because they are not in the main building anymore they send there files off to a company called squirrle, i think they might of changed companies but everyone still uses squirrle boxes and everyone calls it squirrle. then i orded stationary for the councill because they now need to log the amount of stationary used because some things can be quite expensive e.g batteries.

saxon house is great this is were im blogging from now, aswell as middleton house dealing with mail saxon house deals with the mail on a greater scale e.g sends alot of mail of, has alot more locations to send to, middleton house sends some mail here to be sent off.

there is also a thing called reprographics. this is where you design things building structures extensions etc. i was in there putting orders into mail so this could be sent off to the places where they buy the materials. i also did some photo copieing.

the printers are really good in businesses they can do just about anything.

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