Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sheep Come From The MOON! (explained)

Did you know that sheep you know and love today came from the moon!

sheep that are known today use to be called cepaar's this was once there name before they evolved into the sheep you know today.

you may be asking how did they live on the moon if there is no atmosphere! well many years ago they use to use cells in there body to breath??!?!?! how is this possible you may ask, well the neutrons in the cells died and doing so burning energy thus making them not need oxygen to live.

with this method of living (biodepreperbreth) made it so the cepaar - (sheep) only lived for about 2 - 3 weeks! but because of there short life span they can reproduce up to 10 - 13 sheep a day!.

The cepaar (sheep) came to earth around 62,000 years ago on a rock called uprisupso now it was not a full cepaar (sheep) it was the DNA from the cepaar (sheep) and 4,000 years later they developed into an early form of the sheep we know today but with no fur!

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