Saturday, September 10, 2011

Foot ball is a waste of time and money?

Ok so i have a rant to talk about on football and i have for a long time!

ok first of all we go to football matches to see people kick around a bag of air, its a ball with air in it that you kick.

ok to sum up with have a bag, a round bag filled with air, now this is where it gets funny we go and watch loads of people kick the bag which is in fact filled
with air.

i can understand playing it with friends because its a form of exercise and well its fun at the time but here is where it gets stupid, we go to football matches and we fight about who is better when all it is is a fucking ball / bag filled with air.

now this is the even more stupid we pay footballers millions of pounds / dollars when they say well we are in a rrecession, are we fuck if we are paying to watch people kick bags of air around and they pay the footballers money i mean come on thats not a fucking job.

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